Friday, July 3, 2009

Ode to nomadism

I once write this to a friend:
Meeting people and sharing life with them even for a couple of hours is amazing experience, and there is always email to know them better . People are like food or flowers every part has their speciality and they are better tasted where they are native. So moving around give me very nice life stamps and let me meet the best people, the one that has the curiosity to talk with an stranger and let their imagination and mind be little shaken by the vision of an alien person. And I have real friends, people that live in my current home town, everytime we met is a party and hugs and stories flows and nights and wine become one. And at the end of every party a sense of bonding is developed. Also is the welcome back of my real home town, where my old friends don't let me sleep and share the news and becomes of our lives, where we joke our new old age tokens , and weeks passed as i haven't never left the place only that one day I waked up and people suddenly become one year older . Or the ones that after hop and hop in cities and emails links become so close to me that arrange meetings in other part of the world.

Nobody has the secret of moving and having roots, you become a nomad and alien everywhere even your hometown. You have seen so many people met so different ideas, that the light of your eyes will always different, after seeing the towers of the beauty Illium. Always a gaijin, always a metic.

About the amazing thing that is to travel live abroad and being nomad, a friend for Australia somehow makes me remember this.
Old times, different Raul

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